Alex Thomson: Utter corruption of Scottish public life: Suppressed Alex Salmond testimony (TERMS EXPLAINED BELOW) (Video)


A reading of…​ — the submission of the former First Minister of Scotland to a parliamentary committee of inquiry. The Scottish National Party and Scottish Green Party members of that committee have been doing their damndest to stop this testimony being released.

The testimony bears out the claims of other opponents of Nicola Sturgeon, within and outwith her Scottish National Party, that a clique around her (including in the apparatus of government and the legal system) deliberately abused the anonymity of women alleging sexual misconduct by Alex Salmond in order to get him out of public life and potentially to jail him wrongfully.

Follow and and watch David Scott’s Monday appearances on @UK Column​ to understand Scottish political corruption.

Legal terms not explained in the reading:

Judicial Review — the Scottish Government’s first attempt to “get” its former boss Alex Salmond, by having a judge look at the allegations in a setting that fell short of the evidentiary standards of criminal law

ICO — the Information Commissioner’s Office, supposedly independent of the Scottish Government

Commission & Diligence — a single concept; a motion by Scots lawyers equivalent to disclosure or discovery in English/Commonwealth/US law, but far less wide-ranging; roughly tantamount to “Hand over all documents we think you have that fall within category X”. The onus is substantially on each party’s lawyers to work out what the other party holds that is relevant, and this is a major distinctive of Scots law within the common-law world that has a substantial bearing on the corrupt treatment of Alex Salmond as described in his testimony here.

ACAS — the “independent” Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service of the UK Government (including the devolved Scottish Government)

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