Nanotechnology – Nanobots: The Only Known Replication Inhibitor – A Solution They DO NOT Want You To Know (Video)

And again scientists had to die to keep this “under control”…

As a side note:

One of the many problems with cooking is that you are losing the boron. As many of you know I eat kind of a raw vegan diet (for millions of reasons).

I eat no (inorganic) salt, but I do eat raw honey every day.

Only humans (and their pets) eat cooked foods. Animals are naturally raw foodists and diseases of civilization were not known to animals, until we fed them cooked foods.

However, I don’t care what you eat and do not want to change your diet.

All I’m saying is consider to eat more raw veggies, fruits, (sprouted) grains, (soaked) nuts and seeds (chia, flax seeds, etc.) to get more boron, enzymes, nutrients and life force from your food into your body.

And go for the green stuff!

Make nettles, dandelion, ground elder, chickweed and Jiaogulan a part of your diet (juices, smoothies, salad, tea) and you are making a quantum leap in terms of nutrition & energy level.

Take (organic, raw food quality) spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass & barley grass tablets, in spring collect ramson (and make pesto), take cilantro tincture and take apple pectin (with lots of water – 1tsp with 600ml water) to detoxify your body.

Highly recommended:

The Borax Conspiracy – How the Arthritis Cure has been stopped

See also:

Study: Borax Protects Against Aflatoxin (A Potent Mutagen And Carcinogen), Reduces The Infections From Mycotoxins

Study: Borax counteracts genotoxicity of aluminum in rat liver — (It detoxifies & protects against toxic aluminum from chemtrails)

Study: Borax lowers weight, decreases glucose and insulin levels, enhances metabolic activity, increases T3 and carnitine levels – #Diabetes, #Obesity, #Fitness



Matrix 1999:

Neos Passport expires on September 11 2001 !!!…

(Click on image to enlarge.)

The Architect in the MATRIX…

…looks exactly like Baron Edmond de Rothschild…

… known as the “Father of the (Jewish) Settlement” (Avi ha-Yishuv) …

* * *

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