Defense Secretary Orders 60-Day Stand-Down To Confront Extremism In The Military – KOSS, AMC Insiders Dumped Millions Of Shares Into Reddit-Raid-Rally – Read The Details Of Biden’s Plan For $1,400 (Not $2,000) Stimulus Checks – “Right Now Is Bad”: Diseases Plague China’s Pig Herd In Dark Winter – SWIFT Sets Up Joint Venture With China Central Bank Ahead Of Imminent Digital Yuan Launch – AND NOW: SF School Teacher Says Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Are A Symbol Of “White Privilege” – From GOAT To Scapegoat: Redditor Who Made Millions During #Gamestop Chaos Already Being Set Up To Take The Fall – Belgian regulators advise against giving AstraZeneca Covid vaccine to over-55s – Sweden to Shut Borders for Arrivals Without Negative COVID-19 Test… Except Asylum Migrants

Illuminati puppet…

YouTube has removed this Video:

The Future of Vaccines (Corbett Report – MUST-WATCH Video)


…and also this video…



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