MONGOLIA SUFFERING “MOST EXTREME WINTER ON RECORD” & ANIMALS FREEZE SOLID IN NEIGHBORING KAZAKHSTAN – TEMPS PLUNGE TO -73F IN SIBERIA DURING LONGEST & HARSHEST COLD SPELL ON RECORD – ANTARCTICA SUFFERING COLDEST JANUARY SINCE 1978 & GLOBAL SEA ICE GROWING EXPONENTIALLY – RARE SUMMER SNOW HITS NEW ZEALAND & GLOBAL COOLING SET TO INTENSIFY – Death toll from snow shoveling reaches 70 in Japan – Heavy snowfall in Skellefteå, Sweden – M7.0 earthquake recorded near Chilean Antarctic base, nationwide tsunami alert ‘accidentally’ issued – Unbelievable supercell storm hit Lleida in Spain with winds of 150 km/h – 3 die, 1 missing in Indonesia’s Manado floods (up to 13 feet deep water)


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