UK First To Approve Astra-Zeneca Vaccine As “Tier 4” Lockdowns Expanded – BoJo Deploys Military To Help Secure UK Schools Against COVID As Cases Surge – Swiss Patient Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine – “They are using COVID to crush the economy” – Australia welcome to your new Certificate of Vaccination – New Study of 10-Million Chinese Debunks Concept of COVID Transmission – Tesla Model S Starts “Shooting Flames” After Driver Hears Mysterious “Loud Bang” While Driving – Explosion Rips Through Yemen Airport As New Government Arrives, Killing 16 & Wounding 60 – Bill To Ban Biological Men From Women’s Sports Gains Bipartisan Support In Congress – 2020: The Year The Tree Of Liberty Was Torched

Planned financial/economic collapse… #TheGreatReset…

#COVID1984, #NWO, #Agenda21,…

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