House Passes CASH Act For $2,000 Stimulus Checks – Not wearing a mask is now a criminal offence in South Africa – FINLAND JUST SET ITS COLDEST DECEMBER TEMPERATURE IN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY – More than 1.5 billion disposable face masks will wind up in the world’s oceans this year… polluting the water with tons of plastic and endangering marine wildlife – Israeli Man Dies After Receiving COVID Vaccine As 5K+ “Health Impact Events” Reported In US – Official Year-To-Year Death Rates Prove The Pandemic Is A Fraud – Organiser Of London Anti-Lockdown Protest Could Be Fined £10,000 – COVID19 has cured the seasonal flu!!! – Dark Age of Science: Top Doctor Booted from Position After Questioning Lockdowns – Pennsylvania Certified Results for President Are Found in Error (The Error Is Twice the Size of the Difference Between Candidates) -Fewer than 400 healthy people under 60 have died of Covid in England, so it’s not wrong to question our response to the pandemic

And what could possibly go wrong?…

H/t Reader Kevin a: “Fauci“…

H/t Reader Kevin a: “Nice candles”…

Kamala Harris Recalls Childhood Memories of Kwanzaa

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