Hospital Workers Turn Down COVID Vaccine: “There’s Too Much Mistrust” – CDC Says “No Evidence” UK COVID Mutation Is Deadlier, Or More Severe – “You’re No Better Than Socialist Dems”: Rand Paul Slams COVID-Bill-Backing Republicans – Stimulus For Everybody! (Just Not You) – Rabobank: The Second Largest Chunk In The Covid Bill Is Helicopter Money – India prepares for vaccine roll out – Austria: Police State – Syrischer Serien-Sextäter (21) vergewaltigt Kind auf dem Heimweg – Google And Facebook Had “Secret Pact” To Divide And Conquer The Ad Market – Anti-Lockdown Protesters Attempt To Enter Oregon State Capitol Building

TPTB still bankrupting America, as planned and as predicted…

How clients of Goldman & JPM usually end, unless they are part of (or serving) the elite…

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