‘No evidence’ that asymptomatic Covid-19 cases were infectious, analysis of post-lockdown Wuhan concludes – COVID cures the flu. Manitoba in lockdown. Manitoba is Counting ALL INFLUENZA CASES As COVID-19 Cases: There Have Been ZERO Reported Influenza Cases In Manitoba At All This Season! – Facebook Denies ‘Science’: Blocks Danish Study Questioning Efficacy Of Masks – Danish Study: Masks Provide no Benefit Except to Remind us that the flu has been weaponized by the Illuminati bankers to enslave humanity – What they DON’T tell you about Covid: Fewer beds taken up than last year, deaths a fraction of the grim forecasts, 95% of fatalities had underlying causes… and how the facts can be twisted to strike fear in our hearts – 4-Year-Old Almost Dies due to Lung Infection Caused by Prolonged Mask Wearing… Doctor Rants “How Many Children Must Die?” – Rothschild-owned “Economist” lays out their agenda. Puts vaccine-resisters in the crosshairs. – I worked as a COVID-19 contact tracer for the states of MI, MA and CA for 7 months. This is the biggest hoax of the century. – New Strains Of COVID Could Render Vaccines Completely Useless, And 2 Dangerous Mutations Are Already Spreading – Gov Cuomo Wins Emmy For “Masterful” COVID Press Conferences


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