Dominion Voting ‘Lawyers Up’ Before Abruptly Backing Out Of Pennsylvania Fact-Finding Hearing – Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Will Sue Officials “To Invalidate” Election Results… And An Inside Look Into Smartmatic – John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism – The United Nations and the Origins of “The Great Reset” – Panic And Desperation Sweep Across America As Fears Of A “Dark Winter” Continue To Rise (Just like earlier this year, store shelves across the country are being emptied) – Argentina Approves “Confiscatory” Wealth Tax On Millionaires – Israel Resumes Bombing Targets In Syria – New Senate Docs ‘Confirm’ Troubling Biden Family Links To China, Russia – Tesla Wrecks In Oregon, Launching Scorching Hot Battery Projectiles Into Two Nearby Homes, Starting Fires – Ethereum Soars Above $500 For First Time Since 2018 – Finland’s Prime Minister Warns COVID-19 Will Trigger A Populist Backlash – Rising Up: Anti-Lockdown Protests Spread Across Europe – We Need To Protect The Free Speech Of Dissident Doctors (“The world has lost its mind”) – This is the Royal Family’s official Great Reset promo video..

Skull & Bones…

Coming to a country near you….

Just imagine for a sec what would happen if Syria would bomb targets in Israel…

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