44,000 SCIENTISTS SIGN A DECLARATION THAT STATES LOCKDOWNS DON’T WORK – UK Brings In Army To Help With First ‘China-Style’ Mass COVID-19 Testing In Liverpool – COVID Cover-Up w/ Dr. Judy Mikovits: The BioSecurity State Illusion That Led To Your “New Normal” – CoVid Test is Worthless According to World Health Organization! – 20-49-year-olds have a 99.98% chance of surviving the virus, per CDC data – UK: 2020’s mortality rate ranks 8th out of the past 27 years. Also, respiratory deaths in Oct were lower than average. – FDA Warns Of ‘Inaccuracies’ In New Rapid COVID-19 Tests – NJ COVID-19 Hospitalizations Double, Netherlands, Greece Expand Lockdowns – THE VIRUS DOES NOT EXIST


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