OVER THE PAST 7 DAYS, THE UNITED STATES BROKE 3,782 LOW TEMPERATURE RECORDS VS JUST THE 518 MAX – NORTH AMERICA’S OCTOBER SNOW COVER IS THE HIGHEST IN RECORDED HISTORY: THE NEW “HOCKEY STICK” – EARLIEST OKLAHOMA ICE STORM IN RECORDED HISTORY LEAVES 300,000 WITHOUT POWER – OCTOBER SNOW IS FALLING IN HAWAII – DELHI, INDIA LOGS ITS COLDEST OCTOBER TEMPERATURE IN 26 YEARS – Snowfall in the middle of autumn hits Mexico – World’s largest hail record may be challenged by exceptionally large 8+ inches hailstones that hit Tripoli, Libya on Oct 27 – Silver Star Mountain resort in British Columbia has already recorded 32.4 inches of snow for the coming season – CENTURY-OLD “LOWS” FOLLOW CENTURY-OLD “SNOWS” ACROSS MICHIGAN’S UPPER PENINSULA – Greece-Turkey earthquake: Huge 7.0-magnitude tremor felt across both countries

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