No Signature Match? No Postmark? No Problemo! This Week In Ballot Shenanigans! – Two Decades After 9/11, Pentagon Is Providing Covert Air Support To The Taliban – Americans Are Panic-Buying Military & Survivalist Gear Two Weeks Before Election -To ‘Save’ People From COVID, Puerto Rico Shuts Down 911 Call-Centers – Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Here’s why food prices will double then triple, are you ready? – Floods, drought are destroying crops and sparking food inflation – Suicides Up Nearly 100% Among Young People in Wisconsin’s Second Largest County, as Medical Experts Cite Perils of Social Isolation – Fact Checkers… because you can’t think for yourself (that’s dangerous and a threat to our health) – Meet The Social Media Fact Checkers! – Hand sanitiser used in some schools can cause headaches and respiratory problems – Orange County Launches Student Contest To “Normalize Mask Wearing” – Tesla Warns Its Full Self-Driving Beta “May Do The Wrong Thing At The Worst Time” – The Destruction Of The Euro. The Eurozone is bust. – The Fed Saved the Economy but Is Threatening Trillions of Dollars Worth of Middle-Class Retirement – US Signs Commitment With Israel To Uphold Military Edge Over Gulf States


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