Patient In AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Dies – Chinese City Launches Emergency COVID-19 Vaccine Program – Economy-Crushing COVID-19 Lockdowns Contributed To 100,000 US Deaths, New CDC Guidance Suggests – Google Mobility Data Suggests Sweden “Socially Distanced” Less Than Other Countries – First Tests Of New “Immunity Passports” Will Take Place Wednesday (Bill Gates will be thrilled) -Boris Johnson press conference “I bitterly regret any restrictions that lead to damage” – The REAL Care Home Scandal by Carl Vernon – Lockdown’s lethal toll laid bare: 50,000 children see surgery postponed, treatments for strokes plunge by almost 50%, and one in FIVE people were hit with depression in just one month as devastating effect of coronavirus restrictions are revealed

One gone, over 7 Billion to go (vaccines are only part of the elite agenda).

Georgia Guidestones…

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