Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use EXPERIMENTATION’ at 5 US military sites, including to ‘aid lethality’ – Skynet Does The Office: Citrix Says By 2035, Workers With Implanted Chips Will Have “Labor Market Advantage” – UN Forced to Admit Gates-funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak in Africa – Gates vaccine spreads polio across Africa – The Circle Is Complete: BOJ Joins Fed And ECB In Preparing Rollout Of Digital Currency – 1 In 5 Americans Could Be “Out Of Money” By Election Day, Survey Finds – Dutchsinse (10/05/2020): THOUSANDS OF HOT SPOTS appear across Plate + New Madrid… Plate shifting? Big quake? – 10 things that happens when an economy collapses – A Half-Million Sharks To Be Killed for COVID-19 Vaccine – Global Food Prices Rise As Famine Threat Emerges – Soybean Prices Hit Multi-Year High On Increased Exports And Weather Woes – Nearly 50,000 Voters Receive Wrong Ballots In Ohio – North Korea Unveils “Previously Unseen ICBM” At Rare Military Parade – Is Gold Cheap at $2000 an ounce? – Robinhood Users’ Accounts Mysteriously Looted And There’s No One To Call – “Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism”… Google Has ‘Memory-Holed’ The Great Barrington Declaration – Now Biden Says Filling Ginsburg Seat ‘Not Constitutional’… And Americans Don’t ‘Deserve To Know’ If He’ll Pack Court – ‘White Supremacist’ Narrative Unravels: Whitmer Kidnap Suspect Attended BLM Rally, Another Called Trump A ‘Tyrant’ – Russia tests Zircon hypersonic nuke for Vladimir Putin’s birthday – How A Secret Society Created The Federal Reserve At Jekyll Island – ESPN To Make Sweeping Layoffs In Effort To Save “Tens Of Millions” In Salaries – Does The Coronavirus Make Our Constitutional Freedom Of Assembly Obsolete? – Doomsday Camps Set To “Activate” Due To Risk Of Election Violence – McDonald’s Had Its Best Month In Nearly A Decade In September – JPMorgan Pledges $30 Billion To “Fight The Racial Wealth Gap” – US AG Barr Releases Guidelines For Enforcing Crypto Laws – US Treasury Imposes Crushing Sanctions On 18 Major Iranian Banks (Effectively blacklists Iran’s entire financial system) – Trump Says “China Will Pay A Big Price For What It Did To The World And To Us” In Latest Video Message


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