China Launches First Human Trials For ‘Nasal Spray’ COVID-19 Vaccine – Infighting & Resignations Rock Knesset As Israel Imposes 2nd Sweeping Nationwide Lockdown – “It’s Like Using A Hammer To Kill A Fly”: Architect Of Sweden’s COVID-19 Anti-Lockdown Strategy Finally Vindicated – LA County’s public health director says what we suspected about the lockdown – ‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Claims She Has “Evidence” COVID-19 Was Created In A Lab – NY Post: Flight Canceled After Feud About Toddler Not Wearing Face Mask – US Trials For AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine On Hold Amid Probe Into “Serious Side Effect” – NYC Cancels Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; Russia Recruits 55k Volunteers For COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

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