Arctic circle ‘preparing for bumper winter’ – PROF. MÖRNER: “THE APPROACHING GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM AND LITTLE ICE AGE” – SEPTEMBER SNOW IS “A BIG DEAL FOR EVERYONE WHO FARMS” (WELCOME TO THE GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM) – South Sudan: 600,000 displaced by floods since July, says UN – Nigeria flood death toll rises to 20, over 50,000 families displaced in Jigawa (500,000 hectares of farmland devastated in Kebbi) – M6.3 earthquake hits Davao Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines – People stranded as heavy flooding hits Tebessa and Batna in Algeria – Venezuelan cities flooded with water and crude oil following heavy rains – Pacific 6.2M earthquake strikes off Vanuatu – 6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes Coquimbo, Chile, EMSC says – Strong mag. 6.6 earthquake near central mid-Atlantic Ridge

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