NOAA CONFIRMS A ‘FULL-BLOWN’ GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM – Great Reset: Matching Central Bank and Grand solar Minimum Timelines (Video) – FRANCE BREAKS MONTHLY COLD RECORD – SPAIN SUFFERS “UNUSUALLY EARLY SNOWFALL” – NEW ZEALAND’S FIRST DAY OF SPRING DELIVERS “BITTERLY COLD” TEMPERATURES AND “WIDESPREAD SNOW” TO THE SOUTH ISLAND – SUMMER SNOW SLAMS MOUNTAIN STATES, AS GFS DOUBLES-DOWN ON NEXT WEEK’S HISTORIC COLD – Greenland Ice Record Gains – Current Greenland Ice Gains Record August – GREENLAND’S SUMMER-MELT SEASON LOOKS TO BE OVER, ALMOST A FULL MONTH AHEAD OF SCHEDULE – August frost damage to crops – Late frost damages also in Argentina, causing “irreversible damage” to early wheat – Ireland loses 1/3rd of this years apple crop to recent storms – N. Dakota: “Killing frost 8/30, avg 1st frost 9/20. Been gardening here for 35 years and I don’t ever remember a frost this early

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