Summer will not return to Yakutia, Russia this year (Temperature falls to -8 C) – Winter comes in mid-August to Dagestan, Russia as substantial snow falls – UK: Worst wheat harvest in decades (Cold & wet) – NORTH AMERICA’S ARCTIC COOL-DOWN: TEMPS TO SINK WELL-BELOW AVERAGE, SUMMER SNOW TO HIT THE MOUNTAIN STATES – All eyes on this monster (Sept 6 – Sept 10) – AUSTRALIA RECORDS ITS MOST SNOWFALL EVER OUTSIDE OF AN ALPINE AREA – EXTREME PATAGONIA SNOWSTORM KILLS “AT LEAST 100,000 SHEEP AND 5,000 CATTLE” – RECORD-SETTING COLD INVADES CENTRAL RUSSIA – HEAVY SUMMER SNOW FORECAST FOR NORWAY – FARMERS’ ALMANAC FORECASTS A “GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM” WINTER – MONSTER SUMMER SNOWDRIFTS BURY THE SOUTHERN-RUSSIAN VILLAGE OF KURUSH – GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM INCOMING – Floods hit 8 northern provinces of Thailand (9.4 inches of rain in 24 hours) – Storm Francis: Record-breaking winds and heavy rainfall batter UK – Floods in Afghanistan and Pakistan leave over 100 dead – Raging wildfires burn out of control in central and northern Argentina

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