States Secretly Stockpiling Food For “Need Ahead” – The Most Revealing Poll Of All: Gun Sales: The numbers eclipse all of 2019. The highest increase is among black men and women, 58.2%. – Barack Obama Has “Privately Expressed Grave Concerns” About Joe Biden’s 2020 White House Run – California Set To Pass The Nation’s First Wealth Tax Targeting The Ultra Rich – Belarus to conduct military drills on its western borders amid mass post-election protests – Dr. Ron Paul Interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Who Admits the CIA Killed his Father and Uncle – Scotland’s Justice Minister Humza Yousaf wants to criminalize thoughts – Lewis Hamilton is an Idiot – YouTube Facilitator of Fascism Wojcicki Interferes in Election By Banning Videos That ‘Could Interfere with the Election’ – AND NOW: Disney “Makes History” By Introducing Its First Bisexual Cartoon Character – Got Wood? Lumber Prices Explode To Record Highs Amid “Supply Chain Screw Ups”

Have been warning you about this for a loooong time…

Get those tweets translated…

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