Third Donation in August

Donations have become very rare indeed. 

Obviously I’ve not done Infinite Unknown for the money.

Any child could have easily earned more money by opening a lemonade stand, by walking the neighbors dog or delivering newspapers.

Kind of sad, but that’s how it is (and has been).

Not sure how long I will continue to post news updates.

I’ve tirelessly warned you about the plans of TPTB and gave you my opinion on how to best prepare yourself, in order to survive what is coming.

Those times I’ve warned you about are upon us NOW.

It has begun, and it will only get worse.

Take care!

All the best.



Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated £25.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!!!

Very much needed and appreciated.


Donations in August: $33, £25


Donations in July: $33, £25

Donations in June: $8, £25

Donations in May: $33, £25

Donations in April: $58, £25

Donations in March: $23, £25

Donations in February: $33, £25

Donations in January: $73, £25


Donations in 2020: $294, £200


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1 thought on “Third Donation in August”

  1. Your lamenting about the lack of financial support from your readers has been going on for many, many years now. I think you have every reason to be disappointed of course. But what is not acceptable is that you keep on threatening to stop posting, which you have been doing also on several occasions. Long time ago I sent you a donation too and I warned you that it will never work like this. And i was right. Personally, when I see that people who don’t donate can read just as much of your site as those who do, then I don’t want to be the fool who donates anymore. And many people think like that. There were times when good and empathic people accepted that others abused their goodness, but many of us have become disgusted about it and have changed. You might say we have adapted to the selfish world. I was right, but you just denied it. So you should make a decision. Stopping the site would be a shame. Either allow advertisement on your site or request a contribution from all those who want to read it. Choose. Decide. But stop these endless complaints and threats to stop posting. I would certainly pay my membership fee if that was what you would go for, and I wouldn’t mind advertising as long as they don’t interfere with your freedom of posting what you want. And if you want to continue like you are doing now, then ok, fine. But stop complaining.


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