Sweden Hits COVID-19 “Triple Whammy”: No Lockdowns, Low Deaths & Minimal Economic Damage – Sweden’s COVID Death Toll Drops to Near-Zero Without Lockdowns or Mask Orders – Why We Must #ExposeBillGates – Government quietly drops 1.3m Covid tests from England tally – They’ve Been Planning This For Years… COVID-1984 – A positive test does not make you a Covid-19 case (Hallelujah…the penny is dropping) – Fascist UK government now targeting non-mask wearers and protests (not BLM) with big fines – Cult-owned Biden will make masks mandatory across America – UK adds France to quarantine list – Russia’s Top Respiratory Doc Quits Over “Gross Ethics Violations” As Duterte Says He’ll Be Guinea Pig For Putin’s Vaccine – Yale Prof: Hydroxychloroquine Haters Spewing ‘Misleading And Toxic Disinformation’ -COVID-19 Lockdown Will Result in a Million More (Not Fewer) Deaths – Dr. Andrew Wakefield warns about risks of coronavirus vaccines – #NWO, #Agenda21: Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic

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