Shootings, Murders Spike By Record In Portland After Disbanding ‘Gun Violence Reduction Team’ – Minneapolis Authorities Warn Residents “Prepare” To Be Robbed & Obey Criminals – Nigel Farage investigates: Who is really staying at this 4 Star Hotel? – Florida Man Shoots And Kills Burger King Employee After Order Takes Too Long – Chicago Man Arrested For Spitting In Cop’s Coffee At Dunkin’ Donuts – Woman Throws Coffee In Man’s Face For Not Wearing A Mask, Gets Boyfriend’s Ass Beat – Connected-Car Cyber-Attacks Have Skyrocketed, Up 99% In The Past Year – Florida Man Arrested After Buying New Porsche, Rolexes, With Fake Checks Printed On His Home Computer…he used a nearly $140,000 bogus check at a local car dealership – Journalist (Who Survived Previous ‘Hit’) Shot Dead In Mexico While Eating At Restaurant – Soros Infuses $116K Into McCloskey Prosecutor’s PAC Days After Charges Filed

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