Fraudci – You Can Now Be Fined, Jailed, & Assaulted For Not Wearing A Mask In America – “There Is No Proven Effectiveness”: Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Mask Wearing In Public – Breitbart Still Suspended From Twitter After Viral HCQ Video; Doctor Gets Axe Over Involvement – ‘Coronavirus’ can HIDE in human EARS, new research by Gates-funded front finds… it’ll be doing TikTok up your arse next – Jim Jordan Presses Dr. Fauci On COVID-19 Protest Hypocrisy – Hong Kong Cancels Fall Election As Coronavirus “Third Wave” Intensifies – The Biggest Fraud Ever, Part 2: The Vaccine Swindle – Simone Gold MD was fired for saying there is a cheap cure – Florida Smashes Record COVID-19 Death Tally For 4th Day, New Jersey Sees Alarming Acceleration

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