Gold Soars, Euro Roars As Dollar Dumps And Stocks Slump – Silver Is Soaring Again, Citi Sees $2000 Gold Imminent – Russian Jets Deployed To Southern Syria To Stop Active Israeli Attack: Report – After Slamming Western Media “Hype”, Chinese Officials Issue Highest Flood Alert As Three Gorges Dam Pushed To Limits – China blows up dam on Yangtze river tributary to ease epic flooding – Egypt’s Parliament Approves Ground Troop Deployment To Back Haftar In Libya – Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Near Record Levels – World’s Largest Producer Of Small Gasoline Engines Files For Bankruptcy – Red Bull Fires “Woke” Diversity Directors Who Tried To Push For BLM Support – Trump Has To Spend $1.8 Trillion In The Next Three Months – 50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months – “He Sits At Home Smoking Weed”: Desperate Landlord Seeks Advice On What To Do With Broke And Unemployed Tenant – Wall Street Firms Are Considering A Mass Exodus From New York – United Posts Record $2.6BN Loss As Revenue Plunges 87%; 6,000 Employees Agree To Quit – People cancelled, silenced and shot by ‘anti-racist’ racists for saying ‘all lives matter’ – The History of the Pharma Cartel – GOP Lawmaker Calls AOC ‘Fu*king Disgusting B*tch’ Who’s ‘Out Of Her Freaking Mind’ Over BLM Looting Excuses – Watch Live: Big Pharma CEOs Testify Before Congress About “Pathway To A Vaccine” – Biden Unveils $775 Billion Plan For Universal Child & Elder Care – Citadel Fined For Frontrunning Of Client Orders After Threatening To Sue Zerohedge

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