Watch: Protesters Pull Down Christopher Columbus Statue In Baltimore, Dump In Harbor – Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily “To Protect Their Privacy” – Dr. Vernon Coleman ‘Are They Deliberately Trying To Destroy The Economy Put Millions Out Of Work’ – Permanent Job Losses Will Be A Rude Awakening For The Stock Market – Cuba-geddon? Amid COVID Crisis, Havana Tells Citizens To “Grow Your Own Food” Or Starve – Third ‘Mystery’ Blast In Less Than A Week Rocks Iran Power Plant -“Concept Incubator” Envisages Babies Being Grown At Home In A Pod (“It’s designed to replace the womb and pregnancy.”) – Racial Jobless Gap Hits Five Year High – 80% Of NYC Restaurants Couldn’t Afford June Rent – Clues Hidden in Plain Sight About Jimmy Savile’s True Nature – “Things Don’t Look Good In Las Vegas” – Nevada Suffered Biggest Economic Blowback From COVID-19 – New Bubonic Plague Cases Send Mongolian Region Along Russian Border On Lockdown

Planned financial/economic collapse, as predicted…

Got food supplies for a looong time?…

Will yet another double get ‘suicided’?…

“There’s something inherently seditious about permaculture, isn’t there? A man who needs no one else is hard to control…”

— Bill Mollison

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