Forbes Censors Award-Winning Environmentalist’s Apology Over Three-Decade ‘Climate Scare’… So Here It Is: “We environmentalists have misled the public.” – GREENLAND HAS GAINED 27+ GIGATONS OF SNOW AND ICE OVER THE PAST 5 DAYS ALONE (MSM SILENT) – RECORD COLD AND SNOW THREATENS WESTERN U.S. THIS WEEK (GLOBAL WARMING THEORY DIES ANOTHER DEATH) – Heavy Rain, Flooding, and Mountain Snow Ahead; Clouds (cosmic rays) Control The Climate, Not Man – NEW ZEALAND SKI AREAS EXPERIENCE RECORD WEEKEND – WIDESPREAD FROST ENGULFS EASTERN AUSTRALIA – Floods in India’s Assam force a million from their homes – Nearly 14 million affected by continuing storms and floods in China, with more heavy rainfall forecast – Severe hailstorm destroys cars, homes and 4 855 ha (12 000 acres) of crops in Baoding, China – Hundreds of cars stranded by floodwater in Kota Belud, Malaysia – Rampaging floods inundate Northern Bangladesh with situation set to worsen

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