California Gov Orders 7 Counties To Close All Bars, Nightclubs As COVID-19 Cases Surge – All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response – The extraordinary phone call with a coroner’s office that confirms how ‘Covid-19 death figures’ are being systematically scammed – Big Issue in Ireland exposes lies about ‘Covid-19 deaths’ (t’s not being allowed to be sold at the moment so you can read the article here for free) – The government orders you to wear face nappies… but this is what it says about them in its own document. They’re taking the piss people – How people are pushing back on compulsory face nappies on the grounds of health and self-respect – Coronavirus Cases Top 10 Million As China Places 500,000 On “Strict Lockdown” Following Latest Cluster

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