Woman Assaulted At BLM Protest For Holding “Police Lives Matter” Sign (“You look like a f**king idiot, you stupid bitch”) – Bronx police commander quits over defunding police as shootings soar while useless Woke New York mayor announces Black Lives Matter to be painted on street outside Trump Tower – Ok, this is epic… #BlackLivesMatter protesters trying to topple a statue in Virginia. The police had none of that – Portland police charge a mob of Antifa militants during a late night demonstration – Another difficult day for the police in London. 3rd day straight of clashes with police following #BlackLivesMatter music festivals – #Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter are getting beaten up by Turkish migrants on the streets of #Vienna #Austria – Swedish media reported that 2 party goers where attacked by a group of 20. No more information. Today this video came out which clearly shows that 2 Swedes were assaulted by a group of migrants.


Meanwhile in London…


Get those tweets translated…

Now this is pure evil…Bloody hell!!!

Civil war is coming to a country near you, as predicted..

And now they tell us…


Reality (confirmed by the press conference with the Mayor of Stuttgart. then MSM changed the narrative)…

* * *

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