It’s the SUN, stupid! – ‘Going-to-the-Sun’ Road Buried Under 80 ft (24.4 M) Snow Drifts – PRACTICALLY ALL OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT TO SUFFER ANOMALOUS COLD – Heavy snow engulfs high elevations of Idaho and Montana ahead of summer solstice – Deep summer snowfall blankets high elevations across Idaho, Montana (19 inches deep at several locations!!!) – Winter returns to the Rockies as storm dumps multiple inches of snow (PHOTOS) – Southeastern Turkey’s Hakkari still gripped with remaining winter snow in June (7 meters deep in places!!!) – Can’t make this shït up Folks: Scotland missed its Climate Targets because it was too COLD!!! – Rare mid-June snow blankets parts of Idaho – Massive hailstorm hits northeastern Spain, expected to drastically affect European stone fruit season – Ireland’s total grain output in 2020 to drop by 100 million euros after driest spring since 1847 – SOLAR MINIMUM AIN’T OVER YET; Solar Minimums vs GRAND Solar Minimums explained.

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