Minneapolis looks like a #WarZone after the #Antifa & #BlackLivesMatter riots (Video) – Belgium: BLM ‘protesters’ riot and loot stores in Brussels (VIDEO) – Sweden: Family has moving truck plundered by BLM activists (VIDEO) – Germany: Mob attacks police while taking migrant into custody – Jeffrey Epstein Case Judge Has Ties to Cops Who Want to Keep Records Secret – DOJ Demands Prince Andrew Testify In Criminal Investigation Of Jeffrey Epstein Accomplices – 425 illegal migrants disembark at Maltese port after threatening to blow up vessel – UK: Emily Jones killer ‘Albanian sex worker who claimed asylum’ says council source – Italy: Football fans clash with police at anti-government (scamdemic) protest – 24-Year-Old Convicted Felon Charged With Murder Of Retired St. Louis Police Captain During Riots – Media’s ‘Racial Injustice’ Blind Spot: Over 30 Shot In Another Deadly Chicago Weekend – Barbarians At The Mall




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