Fascism is nothing if not yawningly predictable… Bill Gates warns anti-vaxxers could stop Covid-19 jab working (what a sickening man) – Gates bought the World Health Organization with grants totalling nearly $4 billion… and ‘paid the WHO to declare “virus” a pandemic’ – Prof Robert Endres Of Imperial College London Talks To Anna Brees About The Lockdown Models – Cult-owned world ‘leaders’ literally read their script to hand billions of our money to Gates front GAVI for global vaccinations… puppet Johnson to the fore – “Only Official Sources Permitted”: Amazon Censors COVID-Truther Book In Latest ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Moment – ‘Health experts’…professional liars…explain why Black Lives Matter protests are okay, but any others are dangerous because of the ‘virus’. You have to see this to believe it – New Hotspots Emerge Across The US As Global COVID-19 Death Toll Approaches 400k – COVID-19 Has Become “Less Prevalent” And “Isn’t Making People As Sick”, UPMC Doctor Says – “Complete Sterilization”: Disinfectant Tunnel May Be Key To Bringing Back Pro Sports

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