MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING DESTROYED IN 500 WORDS, BY DR ROGER HIGGS – Turkey’s eastern provinces hit by disruptive snowstorm and strong winds – Blanket of snow covers northern Greece in late May – End of May snowfall at Prokoško Lake, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Snow shuts down major roads in Eastern Cape, South Africa – Meili Mountain Park in China closes after heavy snowfall, rain – Flood situation worsens in Assam, India (1 dead, nearly 300,000 affected) – Record heavy rains trigger severe flooding in Florida, U.S. – Severe flooding hits Nicaragua, life-threatening flash floods expected across Central America into the next week – Little Ice Age, Big Consequences – Delhi records warmest May day since 2002 as North India becomes hottest region worldwide – India under worst locust attack in nearly 30 years – Severe flood hits Estelí, Nicaragua

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