Migrants Riot For Fourth Consecutive Night In Paris – Video from last night’s riots (4th consecutive night of riots) in the #NoGoZone #Argenteuil (Paris) – It’s no longer only #Argenteuil but also in the neighboring area #Bezons. – Early Morning Naval Base Shooting In Texas “Terrorism-Related”; FBI Hunting 2nd Suspect – Germany: Migrants attack reception center employees and police – Muslim grooming gangs. This happened just yesterday, somewhere in England, where a gang of Pakistanis raped this girl repeatedly, then cut her up for owing them money. Been a victim for a year. – REPORT: Girl Tortured, Sexually Abused by Grooming Gang for Refusing Sex During COVID-19 Quarantine – VIDEO: Healthcare Worker Repeatedly Punches Elderly Patients in Sickening Footage – Here’s What Happened When… Belgian police officer try to arrest a criminal in a #NoGoZone of #Antwerp (Video) – Washington State Loses “Hundreds Of Millions” To Nigerian Unemployment Claims Fraud Scheme – Democratic Party Official Admits He Took Bribes To Stuff Ballot Boxes – Sweden: Migrant charged with murdering his girlfriend and chopping her into pieces – Bosnian embassy in Pakistan accused of issuing fraudulent visas – UK: Greater Manchester deputy mayor calls for grooming gang to be deported – Netherlands: Illegal migrant stabs woman riding a scooter in the neck – UK: Migrant woman charged with the murder of 7-year-old Emily Jones – Italy: NGO Sea-Eye starts petition to get their migrant transports back – Man Sentenced To Death On Zoom Call For Drug Offense In Singapore

Have been telling you for years that all-out civil war is predicted for France and that Paris is predicted to get utterly and totally burnt to the ground…

Bloody hell…

Get those tweets translated…

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