‘333’… “Somebody Is Dumping Everything”: Mystery Investor Pukes $333M In Real Estate ETF In Dark Pool Trade – Britain suffers BIGGEST surge in unemployment claims SINCE RECORDS BEGAN, as UK minister insists country can cope – Peter Schiff: People Will Be Wiped Out By The Inflation Tax – UK Sells Negative-Yielding Debt For The First Time – US Banks On Hook For $150 Billion In “Frozen Loans” As Millions Of Americans Skip Credit Card And Car Payments – The Fed’s $600 Billion Middle Market “Main Street” Lending Facility Is A Total Disaster – Fannie, Freddie Will Need $240BN In Capital As Private Companies: Regulator – “Free Money”: Most Americans Want The Government To Issue More Stimulus Checks – 68% Of Unemployed US Workers “Are Eligible For Payments That Are Greater Than Their Lost Earnings” – “It’s Junk!”: Illinois’ Borrowing Costs 5 Times Higher Than AAA-Rated States – Not A Deterrent, But Massive Provocation: Russia Blasts US Ambassador’s ‘Move Nukes To Poland’ Remarks – Migrant Youths Riot In Paris Again, Attack Police With Fireworks – The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything… – US Cities Will Lose $360 Billion From The COVID-19 Lockdown – “Thousands Are Starving”: Protesters Demanding Food Clash With Police In Santiago – Fear Of The Coronavirus Has Absolutely Destroyed America’s Future – New Zealand Gun-Crime Rates Soar Following Gun-Bans – Chicago Chicken Shop Charges 26% “COVID-19 Fee”, Claiming Rapid Food Inflation – Stage Set For Intifada: PA’s Abbas Ends All Agreements & Security Cooperation With Israel & US – Gov Newsom Calls For $1 Trillion In Federal Aid For California As LA Drags Feet On Reopening – Silver Joins Gold At The Party – Fresh Rocket Attack On US Embassy In Baghdad Amid Renewed Anti-America Protests – Global Food Crisis Caused By Fear & Tyranny: Meat Prices SOAR – Ford Temporarily Shuts Down Two Plants Just Days After Reopening After Workers Test Positive For COVID-19 – Ukraine Judge Orders Joe Biden Listed As Alleged Perpetrator Of Crime In Prosecutor’s Firing – F-35 Stealth Jet Crashes In Florida During Training Mission – China “Condemns Grave US Interference In China’s Internal Affairs”, Warns Of Consequences – Stocks, Yuan Tick Lower As Senate Passes Bill That Could Force De-Listing Of Chinese Companies – Herbalife Selling $600MM In Junk Bonds To Fund Stock Buyback – Dow Michigan HQ Threatened With “Nine Feet Of Water” Flood After Two Dams Break – The Fed Enters Monetary Light Speed – Phone Calls Between Biden And Ukraine’s Poroshenko Leaked; Details $1 Billion “Quid Pro Quo” To Fire Burisma Prosecutor – Our Fate Is Sealed, Vaccines Won’t Matter: Four Long Cycles Align – House Dems Tell Supreme Court That They Are Preparing For A New Impeachment

America’s future has been destroyed long before the coronavirus appeared on the world stage


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