PARTS OF THE UK AND US SUFFER THEIR LOWEST MAY TEMPERATURES ON RECORD – Global Cooling!! Low Solar Activity To Cause Temperatures To Plummet, Say Scientists – MSM #GrandSolarMinimum Coverage: “The sun has entered a ‘lockdown’ period, which could cause freezing weather, famine”… FAMINE!!! – Northern Hemisphere Total Snow Mass is actually INCREASING (in mid-May!) to levels some 800 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 average. The lower-latitudes are refreezing. – Katla Volcano In Iceland Begins Erupting; Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION TO 15KM to 20000 ft (Video) – Will Record May Cold in Europe and N. America Wipe Out Crops (Video) – May snowstorm hits Murmansk, Russia – Hail damages some 6000 hectares of crops in the Region of Valencia, Spain – Hailstones rain down in the dry season in the Philippines – MASSIVE hail pummels General Terán, Nuevo León State, Mexico – Severe hailstorm leaves streets of Delhi covered in icy white blanket

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