Beyond parody: CNN taps Greta Thunberg for expert coronavirus panel – Government And Media Proven To Be Lying To Public About COVID Pandemic – For months, we’ve watched MAGA angrily attacking Gates/Fauci for calling for a vaccine; TENS OF THOUSANDS of livid tweets & vids. But now that Trump says that HE is personally in charge of “Operation Warp Speed” to develop Covid vaccines, what do we hear from MAGA? Crickets. – Renowned Forensic Doctor Destroys Media ‘Killer Virus’ Lies: ‘Nobody Has Died Of COVID-19 In Hamburg Without Previous Illnesses’ – Teachers want kids disinfected at school gates amid fears of enforcing social distancing – Ron Paul: Don’t Let The MSM & Government Fearmongers Drive You Nuts – Was Professor Panic’s Flawed Computer Model Virtue-Signaling To His Radical Climate Activist Lover?; ‘It is either an outright fraud, or it is the most inept piece of programming I have ever seen in my life…’ – LA Mayor Backpedals Lockdown Extensions After Furious Reaction – Half Of Illinois’ COVID-19 Deaths Come From Retirement Homes – Spanish Beaches Completely Redesigned In Post-Corona World (“Following the guidelines set by WHO…”) – Number of new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Sweden since February 2020, by date of report (as of May 12, 2020) – Number of new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Denmark since February 2020, by date of report (as of May 12, 2020)

What a sight…

Get those tweets translated…

#BigBrother, #NWO…

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