Plandemic Documentary Part 1. The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 (Video)

YouTube will probably take down the video.

Download it and watch it later.

Here are some alternatives, in case it will get taken down (AGAIN)…

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6 thoughts on “Plandemic Documentary Part 1. The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 (Video)”

  1. I am amazed how the majority of people I talk to still don’t see an agenda. Granted most are brainwashed ex Gov unquestioning clones of one form or another, but with job losses, lay-offs, food prices/shortages, business closures, isolation, the Bill Gates exposee and the wonderful story of Neil Ferguson’s hypocrisy and clear disbelief of his own computer model, they aren’t just cognitively dissonant, they just cannot join dots and project, at all. We really are doomed.


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