“It’s Devastating”: Kashkari Says Real Unemployment Rate Is As High As 24% – BoE Warns Of Worst Economic Slump In 300 Years – BoE Tees Up Another £100bn In QE – It Begins: For The First Time Ever, Futures Price “Fatal” Negative US Rates Starting Dec 2020 – Beijing May Dump US Treasuries In Response To US Hostility, Start Its Own QE: Chinese Media – These Photos Show the Staggering Food Bank Lines Across America – Food Supply Fears Are Growing as Romania Bans Grain Exports – He Is “An Innocent Man”: Trump Happy After DoJ Drops All Charges Against General Flynn – Schiff Folds: Publishes Russiagate Transcripts After Showdown With DNI – Texas’ Anti-Climactic Reopening: Malls & Restaurants Empty, Beaches & Parks Packed – Furor Erupts Over San Francisco Giving Drugs To Homeless Addicts As Businesses Prepare To Reopen – San Antonio City Council Passes Resolution Declaring “Chinese Virus, Kung Flu” To Be “Hate Speech” – When Governments Switched Their Story From “Flatten The Curve” To “Lockdown Until Vaccine” – Sysco Warns Of “Unprecedented Times” As COVID Crushes Restaurants – Rand Paul: “Reopen The Economy, No More Imaginary Money” – US To Remove Patriot Missile Protection From Saudi Arabia Amid Oilpocalypse – Everyone Knows The Gov’t Wants A “Controlled” Weimar – COVID-America: 73,400 Dead; 33 Million Jobless; Stocks Soaring – Turkey Has Recruited 11,000 Mostly Syrian Mercenaries (Linked To ISIS And Al-Qaeda) To Fight In Libya: Report -China Readies Unveiling Of Stealth Nuclear Bomber Capable Of Reaching LA – Captured US Mercenary Says In Video ‘Confession’ Trump Ordered Plot To “Abduct” Maduro – Chuck Baldwin: Trump Fast-Tracking Forced Vaccinations; Donald Trump is, once again, showing his true colors – Scientists improve wheat yields by up to 65 percent using fertilizer created from processed human waste – Study Says Wi-Fi Causes Cellular DNA Damage, Sperm/Testicular Damage & Neuropsychiatric Effects


For German speaking readers…..WOW!!!

Get those tweets translated…

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