NYC Nurse Speaks Out: ‘I’m literally coming here every day and watching them killing people’ – Microsoft’s patent for nano technology microchipping it can be administered with a vaccine and is ready to go – NYPD Union Says Officers Should Stop Enforcing Social Distancing Order, Calls City Leaders ‘Cowards’ – Global Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 250,000 – AND NOW: NYT Publishes Grim CDC Projections Calling For Daily Coronavirus Deaths To Double By June – AND NOW: Coronavirus Defeated By Experimental Antibody That Targets Spike Protein; “47D11 was created with genetically modified mice” – America Holds Its Breath As Florida Reopens Economy; Italians Allowed To Visit Relatives Again – The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis Is Here – Spain’s Push To Extend Lockdown Sparks Political Standoff As Global Coronavirus Deaths Decline For 5th Day

What could possibly go wrong?…

Get those tweets translated…

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