RED ALERT: President Trump “pivots to mandatory vaccinations,” jumps in with Big Pharma’s diabolical “warp speed” mass medical experiment on the American people – WILL THERE BE A COVID-19 VACCINE? Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s Opinion On The Creation Of A New Vaccine – THE SCIENCE BEHIND EXOSOMES: What Does Exosomes Mean And Could It Be The Key To Unlocking COVID-19? – Maryland Deploys National Guard To Protect Covid Tests From Feds – Newsom “Put Politics Over Data” With Beach Closure Order, Newport Mayor Says – Jim Willie: The Corona Truth The Govt Won’t Tell You – Jim Willie: White House Corona Video Reveals Truth – Here Are The Key Findings From The Bombshell Government Dossier On China’s Bat Virus Program – Fauci Links & Virus-Lab Leaks: Newsweek Report Raises Urgent, Important Questions – China Issues Odd Animated Lego Video Attacking Trump’s COVID-19 Response (Yes that’s right… Legos. And it’s titled “Once Upon a Virus”) – As We Mull Leaving Lockdown, Is Sweden Model the Way Forward?

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If you know about…

(high doses of) Vitamin C, Zinc orotate, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Niacin, Magnesium citrate,…

(Do NOT take Vitamin D & A together! Take them several hours apart. Same goes for Zinc & Selenium by the way.)

…and a herbal tea consisting of:

Ginger, Curcuma, Cistus incanus, Calendula and Licorice…

(Licorice – Cave: Hypertension; Personally  I would still use it, but take an extra potassium citrate with the magnesium.)

…and Artemisia annua tincture (You can easily grow this herb yourself. Don’t have to buy that expensive tincture.)…

…and last, but certainly not least:

Propolis tincture, which is a MUST-HAVE and you can easily make that tincture yourself (in case you want to know how, leave me a comment).

…then there is not much to be afraid of (at any age), if you also have a healthy diet.

(Most people’s diet is total crap.)

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