Dr. Fauci Backed $7.4M Funding for Controversial Wuhan Lab Studying Coronavirus (Funding for the lab was shut down by The National Institutes of Health last week) – Russian Prime Minister Tests Positive For Coronavirus – President Trump Confirms “High Degree Of Confidence” That COVID-19 Originated In Wuhan Lab – Corona Virus Truth Exposed: Dr Shiva Ayyadurai Talks About Covid-19 – 9 Simulations, Drills and Laws that Planned and Prepared for the Coronavirus – Majority Of Canadians Think COVID-19 Vaccine Should be Mandatory, New Poll Shows (“It’s almost as if it’s seen as just another flu vaccine”) – All Of The Coronavirus Models Were Wrong – Freezer Truck Packed With 50 Dead Bodies Discovered Outside Brooklyn Funeral Home – California Closes All State Beaches And Parks After Crowds Ignore Social Distancing – Chinese Communist Party Knew That Their Bio-Labs Were A Ticking Time Bomb In October – Scientists Find Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air Of Crowded Spaces Longer Than We Thought – Portland To Ban Cars On 100 Miles Of Roadway To Promote Safe Distancing – Being Afraid & Eliminating Exposure To Germs Leads To Death by Fear & Germs – “What The F**k”: In Expletive-Laced Rant, Elon Musk Blasts “Fascist, Undemocratic” Shelter-In-Place Orders – COVID-19 Rips Through Marine Boot Camp, Dozens Of New Infections – German Infection Rate Spikes After Merkel Eases Lockdown – The Elite impose lockdowns while they ignore them… they are laughing at you – Finally, Germany has published its total mortality figures (only up to April 5), but no sign of excess deaths at all

Get those tweets translated…



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