Coronavirus ‘will keep coming back every year like the flu’, warns top Chinese scientist (to justify infinite lockdown for reasons only of mass human control). How transparent can you get? – Tucker Carlson now really getting it… exposes censorship of doctors and pressure to put ‘Covid-19’ on death certificates of people dying from other causes (it’s happening worldwide because it’s all a scam) – WHO Flip-Flops Again, Endorses Sweden’s Lockdown-Free Approach To Tackling Coronavirus – US Government Report Concludes Wuhan Lab ‘Most Likely Source’ Of COVID-19 Outbreak – Moscow Hospitals Overwhelmed As Russia Hits 100,000 COVID Cases, Surpassing Iran & China – No, Your City Isn’t “Two Weeks Behind New York” On COVID-19 Deaths – FDA Could Approve Remdesivir For Emergency Use As Soon As Tomorrow – Stocks Soar On Fauci-Touted Remdesivir Study DESPITE Marginal Survival Benefit, Snubs Lancet Findings – Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say “NO!” (Video) – Freedom Advocate Explains How To Say NO If COVID-19 Vaccination Becomes Mandatory

Would never take any of these harmful drugs…

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