US Congressman can’t be any clearer : FOOD SHORTAGES COMING – BREAKING: Pentagon Deploys AI to Control Food Supply (Video) – Ask yourself: Why is our FOOD SUPPLY & RETAIL DATA being hooked into a Defense Department Weapons Systems AI ? (And why are they announcing it?) -The shutdown of the machine that feeds society continues: 61,000+ MN chIckens euthanized as Cargill closes egg plant “temporarily”… But lays off 400 workers and kills contract birds. Doesn’t sound temporary!… Note they are citing “Declining Demand.” – Cattle Prices Plunge To GFC Lows Amid Soaring Food Prices (Farmers crushed under the weight of plunging spot prices and consumers stressed over rising food prices) – Trump Invokes Defense Production Act: Who Will Be Forced To Work At Meat Plants? – Too little, too late. Successful attack: millions of hogs, calves, chickens, euthanized. Meat shortages already. Now turn it back on to not lose TOTAL control… But ENOUGH PAIN to justify deployment of AI takeover of food supply chain, rationing, agenda – This is scary: North Texas rancher Shad Sullivan explains why our nations food supply is at risk. Foreign meats are now being imported onto American soil. They in the process of having to euthanize millions of chickens and may soon have to do the same to the cows. – Less Than 1/3 of World Can Feed Itself From Local Crops – Smithfield Foods shuts down 5th processing plant this month – Absolutely correct: DE-CENTRALIZATION is the antidote to the NWO model: consolidation of control. i.e. Everyone growing food. – Now they want to ration beer: Britons could face two or three pint limit when pubs reopen – President Trump Readies Bailout For Nation’s Food Suppliers (“There’s plenty of supply.”)

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