UK ONS Figures Show Three Times More Deaths From Flu & Pneumonia Than COVID-19 – There is ‘nothing you can trust’ about the World Health Organisation (Sky News Australia) – COVID-19 Is Not A Pandemic It Is Democide – COVID19: “Millions of cases, small amount of death” Dr Erickson, California – 1,000 Front-Line Medical Workers Forced Into Isolation Due To Faulty Chinese Masks – Bill Gates Offers Sobering Prediction Of ‘Abnormal’ Life During Coronavirus – Bill Gates: ‘I wish I could say that we’re halfway through’ coronavirus pandemic (I wish I could say that we’re halfway through Bill Gates) – WHO Warns Against “Immunity Passports”, US COVID-19 Cases Near 1 Million Mark – What’s Really Happening In The Care Homes? (Video) – Global Coronavirus Deaths Top 200k

WHO is mainly funded by Big Pharma…

People Dying WITH (NOT FROM) Coronavirus Top 200k…

Get those tweets translated…

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