BONE-CHILLING COLD SWEEPS NORTHEAST RUSSIA, RECORDS FROM THE 1950S AND 1960S FALL – NORTHERN CHINA: UNPRECEDENTED SPRING BLIZZARDS TRAP PEOPLE IN THEIR CARS AND HOMES – Central, northern parts of Greece under another blanket of snow in late April – Spring snowfall hits northern Maine (up to 7 inches dropped) – April’s weather broke at least 6 records across Canada and not in a good way – Hail pelts Al-Qassim region of Saudi Arabia – 23,500 fruit growers hit by hailstorms, heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, India – Severe hailstorm leaves 4,200 people homeless in Tripura, India – Hailstones the size of apples batter the northern provinces of Vietnam – History: Extreme Weather during the Maunder Minimum – APRIL 24: UK’s highest recorded temperature for this day was 27.8C (82F) set at Cambridge-Observatory in 1893. Climate is cyclic, never linear.


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