Facebook To Issue ‘Warnings’ To Users Who Have Liked Or Clicked On ‘Coronavirus Misinformation’ – Ford Tests Buzzing Wristbands To Keep Workers Six Feet Apart – Airline conducts COVID-19 blood tests on passengers – German Lawyer Sent to Psych Ward for Organizing Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown (Resistance to mass house arrest is mental illness) – Main Stream Media Finally Admits COVID-19 Probably Came From Wuhan Bioweapon Lab – Evidence mounts COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan – Coronavirus: Three-week lockdown extension set to be approved – Scientists: Open windows and natural light may stop the ‘virus’ ‘settling’ indoors. Oh really? Better keep everyone under house arrest then and out of the sun (which is going to kill a lot of people especially the elderly) – Trump Tells Governors Some States Can Reopen Before May 1; US Cases Top 650k – US Sailors Among 668 Infected On French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle -Scientists Discover Alarming Coronavirus Mutation That Could Render Vaccine Useless – Shocking Images Show Body-Bags Piled Up In Vacant Detroit Hospital Rooms – Lockdown-Backlash Begins: Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy

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