BOMBSHELL: Taxpayer-funded NIH funneled $3.7 million to Wuhan virus research lab believed to have engineered the coronavirus bioweapon – Explosive Report: Wuhan Biolab Captured Bats From Caves Traced To COVID-19 Outbreak, Had US Funding – Video Removed & BBC inferred I lied. My 2 cents – Russia Sees Over 2,000 New COVID-19 Infections In Biggest Ever Single-Day Spike – FROM THE NUMBERS: Only 150 Americans to Date With No Pre-Existing Conditions Have Died From the Coronavirus or 0.9% – Doctors Say Ventilators Killing THOUSANDS, May Stop Using Them – China Quietly Reimposes Restrictions On Movement As Outbreak’s ‘Second Wave’ Looms – Largest US Study Of COVID-19 Admissions Reveals Single Biggest Factor In Hospitalization – Doctors Fear Coronavirus Survivors May Have Lasting Damage To Multiple Organs – Chinese Embassy Blasts “Hasty, Reckless” Western Claims That Virus Originated In Wuhan – Fauci Admits US Was “Given Incorrect Information From The Start” – New CDC Study Shows Coronavirus Can Survive For Hours On Floors, Walls, Shoes – Morgan Stanley Publishes Full Timeline Of Upcoming Coronavirus Milestones; Sees Second Coronavirus Peak In December – China, Russia See Distressing Jump In New Cases As Outbreak Slows In Europe, US – Ebola Reappears In Central Africa At Very Moment Last Outbreak Declared ‘Over’ – Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Agenda In Scathing Report – When The World Stopped – Stunning Scenes From A Global Lockdown – Drone View Of Manhattan Under Lockdown, Now A Ghost Town – South Korea Says Nearly 100 Recovered COVID-19 Patients Tested Positive Again – Courier With Coronavirus Samples Crashes On I-195 In Massachusetts – Iran Reopens ‘Low-Risk’ Economic Activities Over Fears Millions Will Lose Work – The Price Of EU Membership: Healthcare Rationing For Elderly In Italy, Spain


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