NY, NJ Report Largest Single-Day Jump In Deaths, White House In Talks To Add $250BN To Small Business Bailout; UK, France report an alarming acceleration in deaths across the pond – Netanyahu Announces Full Lockdown Of Israel Ahead Of Passover – Paris Bans Exercise As Lockdown Tightens – Boris Johnson Will Spend 2nd Night In The ICU – CNN Suggests Wearing A Face-Mask In Public Is Racist – Navy Secretary Apologizes For Calling Carrier Captain “Too Stupid” As 230 Sailors Now Infected -“We Will Whip You”: Zambian Police Crackdown On Non-Quarantine-Compliant Citizens -‘Lives In Danger’: Canada Lashes Out After US Blocked Export Of Millions Of N95 Masks – US Total Passes 350k As Tri-State Area Cases, Deaths Surge

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Infinite Unknown Commentary On The Coronavirus Situation – Explosive David Icke coronavirus video now deleted by Vimeo as well as YouTube. What don’t they want you to know?

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