The US Military Is Preparing For “Worst-Case Contagion Scenarios” (But It’s A Secret) – Duterte Orders Philippine Police To Shoot Dead Virus-Lockdown Violators – 350 More COVID-19 Deaths Reported In NYC As US Braces For ‘Seven Days Of Hell’ – This Is Where The World Is On The “Corona Curve” At This Moment – 2 Passengers Die Aboard “Coral Princess” Cruise Ship Amid Another COVID-19 “Nightmare At Sea” – Half A Million Chinese People Entered America At The Height Of The COVID-19 Outbreak – China Floods Europe With Defective COVID-19-Fighting Medical Equipment – Wuhan Residents Believe COVID-19 Is 100 Times Worse Than Chinese Government Says, Report – REAL EXPERTS DON’T BUY THE DEATH RATE SCAM – UKC News – 03/04/20 – COVID19 Latest – Zombie apocalypse: The coronavirus is now known to alter brain function and make some victims AGGRESSIVE and disoriented (NOT satire)


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