Watch: Dramatic Footage Of Bodies Piled Up In Manhattan Hospital – COVID-19 Is Now The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The United States – Spain Reports More Than Five Times As Many COVID-19 Deaths-Per-Capita As US – Is Italy’s COVID-19 Mortality Rate Even Worse Than Officials Are Letting On? – Global Coronavirus Cases Top 1 Million With More Than 50K Deaths – Bill Gates Slams White House, Insists US Needs “National Social Isolation Policy” To Combat COVID-19 – Fauci Says Lockdown Will Continue Until There Are No “New Cases” Of COVID-19 – German Infectologist Decimates COVID-19 Doomsday Cult In Open Letter To Merkel – Authorities Blast Swedish Teens Over ‘Deliberately Coughing On Elderly’ Virus-Challenge – Calls Mount For Investigation Into WHO For Participating In China’s Coronavirus Coverup – COVID-19 ‘Miracle Drug’ Goes On FDA Shortage List After Study Confirms Efficacy – Study Finds That Trump’s ‘Miracle Drug’ Helps Fight COVID-19 – Hawaii Lt. Governor: Everyone Should Wear A Mask When Leaving Home

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